Winning and losing : this has been an old human game. People are trained since their childhood to be winners, not losers. And for this reason, people would not give in, even if they know they are wrong. But our purpose in life is much more than winning, it is about reaching our destination. To reach our destination we need to fuel our trip with love.

“Man re, tou kar Saheb se prit”

Oh mind! Fall in love with God. When our mind gets entangled in the business of winning, we are driven away from our goal. Unless we develop and nurture love for God, we will not be able to reach our destination. Our mind easily goes off track, especially if we associate ourselves with the wrong people. This is why Satguru Kabir Saheb has emphasised on satsangs :

“Kariye nit satsang ko, baadhaa sakal mit jaaye
Aissa owsar naa mile, durlabh nar tan paaye”

Be in satsangs always so that all your obstacles can be removed. Rare is the opportunity to be born human, so don’t let this lifetime go waste. The more we are in the company of the right people, the stronger our love for God becomes.

“Saran aaye se sabahi oobaare, aissi ounki reet”

It is a divine principle that whoever comes to God’s shelter is saved. Winning over your friends, siblings, co-workers, neighbours or anyone else will not bring you any gain. So, do not compare yourself with others; do not envy others. Focus on your goal. Be where you are safe.

“Soondar deh dekhi mat bhoulo, jaise trin par seet”

Do not be fooled by the beauty of your body; that beauty is no different than the wonderful dewdrops on the grass which disappear in a moment. Many people are very proud of their looks, and even measure themselves with others. It is not the outer looks, but the inner beauty which is our true value.

“Kaachi deh aakhir gir pari hai, jyon baaloo ki bheet”

Just as a wall of sand, this body will also collapse eventually. The expression of love is not from our outer appearance or our physical charms or attractiveness. Know that our true Self is not the physical body. The physical body is but a vehicle, which will be discarded after use. Neither pride nor fame will bring us to our destination.

“Saheb Kabir charhe gadh oopar, diye nagaaraa jeet”

Kabir Saheb beats the drum of victory upon attaining the peak. The ultimate win is reaching God, and is getting freed from the cycle of birth and death. If we indulge ourselves in winning over matters which give us pride, fame, and wealth, we are in fact losing ourselves. Losing ourselves to Kaal. 

Let love fuel our journey to the haven of grace!

Mahant Jay Jaggessur, Kabir Association of Toronto.