How much more are we going to buy and stock and hoard once the retail stores are open again? Many people have not been able to do Spring cleaning as it should. Spring cleaning would have made us realise how much junk we keep. And how much of it is still new, never used – perhaps impulsive purchases or from a shopping spree. Spring is known to be the best season, the time when people rejoice, regain their spirits and heighten their moods. Had we not hoarded our cabinets, closets, wardrobes, garages with junk, we would have had more time enjoying Spring…..instead of decluttering.

“Yaa kaayaa mein ved paath kari, Pandit kare vichaar
Yaa kaayaa mein Kaazi Mullah, deve baang pukaar”

If one realises his true “Self”, knowledge of the scriptures would be flowing day and night, just like a Pundit reflecting on the message of God; the ‘aazaan’ would be heard all the time, as if the Mullah is constantly present in the body. Satguru Kabir Saheb is drawing our attention to how we become knowledge itself once we realise our true ‘Self’. All that we search outside (from scriptures, from recitations, chanting) will be found inside. There is no need to search for anything outside; all that we need to board our return trip exists within us. Satguru Kabir Saheb wants us to know that as human beings, we have been equipped with all we need to make our way back. The 2 important features we need to focus on are : 1) the dealer (our intellect), and 2) the Guru, who will sanctify us with our passport and visa to fulfil our trip.

“Yaa kayaa mein dhani viraaje, til ki ot pahaar
Yaa kaayaa mein bhajan hot hai, baahar khoob bahaar”

In this body, the richest Being prevails; however, the ignorant one sees a mole in front of him but fails to see a big mountain in the background. But the awakened soul enjoys the divine melodies (bhajans) within himself, just like enjoying Spring at its best. What Satguru Kabir Saheb is revealing here is that he who enjoys inner peace definitely finds everything outside enjoyable too. Regardless if the world is going through a crisis or if everyone else is engrossed in sorrow or sufferings, the awakened soul experiences peace in the inner as well as on the outer.

“Kahat Kabir soono bhai Saadho, Guru bin jag andhiyaar”

Kabir says : without the Guru, the whole world is plunged in darkness. The Guru is the enlightener. Once we acknowledge who we are, and that we need to have our Guru’s grace to be able to see light, and therefore our path, then we are on track. On the right track.

Everything is within us. We have to use what we have been bestowed with to be able to find it. But if we keep searching outside, we will only and only be lost. And once we found it within ourselves, then no more searching is required. The inside overrules the outside. It is inside-out.

Mahant Jay Jaggessur, Kabir Association of Toronto.