At this time, many people are complaining about COVID-19 restrictions and too long lockdowns. However, when restrictions will be lifted and everyone will be busy with work and constantly on-the-go running errands and so on, people will miss the tranquility of lockdowns. Because these moments where people are bonding with family at home and with relatives online are precious moments. And more precious are those moments when people are able to do what they always wanted to do but could not because of time. Baking, drawing, reading, cooking, playing games, yoga, meditating…..

“Avsar baar baar nahin aave”

We do not get golden opportunities again and again. We have to make the most of opportunities that are offered to us. It is true that the days ahead may be difficult as the world prepares itself to recover financially. But we can only live in the present moment. We will face the challenges as they come our way, and if we trust God, we know that He will take care of everything.

“Jo chaahe kari le bhalaayi, janam janam sukh paave”

If you want you can be happy forever…by doing good deeds and helping others. The choice is ours : either we sit and cry or we do whatever we can to live well and help others live well too. The spiritual practitioner knows that his duty is to perform noble actions. We almost always complain that we don’t have time, wish that we had 25 hours in our day…. This time of confinement is for us to make the most, not waste a single minute to become a better person, serve ourselves and others.

“Tan chute dhan kaun kaam ke, kripan kaahe ko kahaave”

Your wealth will be of no use to you when you leave this body; so, why are you being a miser. To live life to the fullest, we have to make use of all that we are bestowed with optimally. Putting our capabilities, our resources, our competencies to the best use is our role as spiritual beings. We will not take with us any of these when we depart.

“Sumiran bhajan karo Saheb ko, jaase jeev sukh paave”

Be involved in meditation, sing God’s praises so that you find inner peace. In the hustle bustle of our daily routine, we regularly complain that we don’t have time for meditation. These lockdowns are golden opportunities to submit ourselves to God. Satguru Kabir Saheb advises us to go on that inner journey. In fact, if we establish a time for meditation now, even when lockdowns are over we will continue to practice.

“Kahein Kabir pag dhare panth, yam ke gan na sataave”

Kabir says : If we set our foot firmly on that spiritual path, even Yamraj will not be able to obstruct our passage. Realising how important it is for us to invoke the divine presence by practicing meditation, we will all establish that routine. And once we set it up, we will persevere. Because we know that that is the way. There is no other way.

No time is a bad time, but the best time is now. Now is the time for us to embark on that path. We will forever be grateful for those moments.

Mahant Jay Jaggessur, Kabir Association of Toronto.