Pictorial Glimpses

Pictorial Glimpses into the Life of Satguru Kabir Saheb

This page contains a series of short stories on the life of Kabir Saheb prepared by Dr. Jagessar Das of the Guru Kabir Association of Canada (Surrey, B.C., Canada). Stories are complete with pictures taken from The Life Story of Kabir Saheb, published by the Kabir Ashram (Jamnagar, India). Feel free to browse through these stories by navigating through the Table of Contents (below).

Table of Contents

It is to be noted that from the time of Kabir Saheb, such stories were transmitted orally and passed down from generation to generation; therefore, there exists many versions of each of these stories. Rather than debating the veracity of these events, it is more important to understand their significance and the teachings which they impart unto their readers (or listeners).



Table of Contents
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