Kabir Association of Toronto

About Us

Kabir Association of Toronto Inc.

The Kabir Association of Toronto was founded in March 2011 as a non-profit organization in Ontario, Canada, and has also been registered as a Charity. Over the past few years, there has been a growing interest from devotees of the Kabir Panth faith and spiritual seekers to have a space for Kabir Saheb’s teachings in the Torontonian community. As a matter of fact there are a number of followers of Kabir Saheb from India, Pakistan, Mauritius, Guyana, Zambia, and Trinidad & Tobago settled in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Moreover, many spiritual seekers from various other parts of the world have also signified their interest in learning more about this faith, and understanding the spiritual teachings of Kabir Saheb. Hence the inspiration for the setting up of the Kabir Association of Toronto.

The association holds various activities on a regular basis and also responds to requests from interested parties to perform bhajans and satsangs at their homes. The following are regular activities of the association:

Weekly Satsangs, held every Sunday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM (see calendar of events here)
Kabir Saheb Pragatya Divas (Kabir Jayanti), celebration of the apparition day of Kabir Saheb in June
Chowkaa Aaratees/Satsangs/Lectures, at the request of devotees/interested parties
Bhajan performances, during wakes or other such occasions at the request of interested parties.

Please consult our calendar of events to learn more about timing, venue, and frequency of these activities.


Please support our Association in promoting the spiritual teachings of Kabir Saheb. The Kabir Association of Toronto Inc. is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (registration number: 825253719RR0001); tax receipts will be issued to donors for their donations. 100% of donation monies go towards funding the activities of the Association.