Three Pillars of Kabir Saheb's Philosophy


Satya and sangati are the root words which combine to form satsang. Literally, these two words mean truth and company, but the deeper significance of satsang is “being in the company of saintly people to gain spiritual wisdom.” To be able to attain the goal of liberation in life, it is important that we have the right knowledge and follow the right path. This can only be obtained by being in satsang. In satsangs, the Guru enlightens devotees spiritually, clears their doubts and confusion, and unlocks the mystery of the Eternal Truth. Implementing the teachings learned in satsangs is the duty of devotees so that they may progress in their path towards liberation.


The only way to connect to God is to embark on an inner journey which detaches us from the outer world and bring us closer to the Higher Self. Satguru Kabir Saheb has prescribed “Sahaj Samaadhi” as the key to unlock the door to God. This is basically the concept of simple and easy meditation, and surrendering oneself totally, with unconditional love, to the will of God. Recognising that whatever we see and feel in this world is Maya (illusion) and overcoming that barrier is an important step for one to be able to embark on that inner journey. If we want to connect with God, we have to disconnect with all that is temptation. In other words, accepting that whatever happens, happens for the best and not questioning the good or bad effects of events that come our way is the precondition to meditation.



seva circle

Service to Man is service to God. Satguru Kabir Saheb has promoted love as being the religion of mankind. He said that, if we see God in all living beings, then we will realise love and care as being our true nature. If God exists in all living beings, is it not our duty to serve them all in the same way we would like to be served? Helping the needy, caring for everyone, loving one and all alike… these are our primary duties. There is abundance of resources in the world, be it food or shelter, that no one should be poor or hungry. By the act of Man, resources are not distributed equitably resulting in misery and sufferings. By sharing with others, we accomplish a very noble task and at the same time fulfill our role as Children of God.