The association has presented many performances in the community to illustrate and exhibit the teachings of Kabir Saheb.

Saint Kabir Night

The Saint Kabir Night was presented on the 3rd of May, 2013 at the Maja Prentice Theater (Mississauga, ON). The performance presented the singing of various bhajans and compositions of Kabir Saheb. Hosted by Ms. Jodie Lobana of ‘The Evolving Creations,’ the program exhibited performers from the association who had helped spread the message of Kabir Saheb by singing. To view videos of this event click here.

Holi Sammelan - Chowtaal

Chowtaal is a style of folk song originating from North-Eastern India that has spread across the West Indies as well as other countries including Mauritius and Fiji. Since 2013, the association has been participating in the Holi Sammelan program hosted by the Indo-Caribbean Golden Age Association (ICGAA), an association dedicated to keeping this tradition alive. The program presents the singing of chowtaals and other Holi songs by various groups and organizations from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

To view videos of this event click here.