Satsangs are gatherings traditionally directed by Gurus which are attended by devotees (satsangees) and those who wish to pursue the spiritual path. Satya and sangati are the root words which combine to form satsang. Literally, these two words mean truth and company, but the deeper significance of satsang is “being in the company of saintly people to gain spiritual wisdom.” Throughout the course of these gatherings, pravachans (sermons) are given and devotional songs are sung by satsangees in order to spread spiritual knowledge in a more engaging way.

The association regularly hosts monthly satsangs as well as satsangs by devotees. As one of our goals is to spread spiritual knowledge, satsangs are paramount in achieving this objective effectively; the following are the two regular monthly satsangs held by the association.


Satyavani satsangs are held monthly by the Association to consistently engage members and devotees to pursue the spiritual path. Satyavaani (satya: lit. truth, vaani: lit. speech, voice) satsangs are generally held on the Saturday before (or on) the full moon of every month (see calendar here). These satsangs commonly follow a structure as follows: opening by the reading of the Sandhya Path followed by pravachans (sermons) and bhajans (devotional songs) ending with Aarti and Bandagi (closing prayers). If you wish to attend these satsangs, feel free to contact us.

Bal Jyoti

baljyotisatsangwebsitepngBal Jyoti satsangs are regularly held gatherings hosted by the association. These satsangs are held to encourage kids to follow the teachings of Kabir Saheb as well as to inform and teach them of  Kabirpanthi practices and morals. Bal Jyoti (Bal: lit. child, Jyoti: lit. light) satsangs focus on enlightening children to become more spiritually equipped in their life. We encourage parents to be equally involved in these satsangs to help kids feel more comfortable and focused. If you and your child wish to attend these satsangs, feel free to contact us.