If we are out of our homeland and borders are closed how can we get back home? The question we have to ask ourselves is why are the borders closed. Homeland closed borders because they do not want to be sapped by infected people. Only those who are healthy and worthy of living in their homeland will be admitted. Many people have vitiated their nature and also contaminated others as well. If we want to get back home, we have to remain pure to be admissible.

“Dagariyaa baanki bani, koyi chalahou naa jaane ganvaar”

The path is so beautiful, wonderful; but ignorant people do not know how to walk. Human beings have been equipped with all they need to embark on that path which will lead them home. Yet, they stumble, they go astray, they fail to get on the right path. Mankind is the highest form of all living beings. Many people misuse their ‘high’ status and ‘covidize’ the whole world with their tyranny. Instead of cohabiting with all living beings, loving each other, they risk the whole planet’s well-being by their arrogance and pride.

“Ek dagar gayo param dhaam ko, doojo gayo jam ke dwaar”

You choose : one path goes to the Eternal Abode, the second one goes to hell. Satguru Kabir Saheb teaches us that we should always perform good actions, be truthful, and express love to all. He tells us that the path is beautiful - it is beautiful to those who do the right things, are truthful and loving. Is it that difficult to do these? To those who have surrendered themselves to the Guru, nothing is difficult, because they know they have their Guru’s grace on them always.

“Yaha sansaar kathin bhavsaagar, koyi na paave paar”

We come into this world full of suffering; unless we have a good Master, we will not be able to get out of this world. Day in day out there are problems, diseases, wars, calamities… Do we want to live this and relive this? Finding the right boatman, we can be sailed safely and get to our homeland where we can stay indefinitely.

“Saadhu saadhu paar ootari gaye, paapi doobe majhdhaar”

Saints safely reach their destination, whereas sinful people get stuck mid-stream. Which means that they have to again go through the cycle until they get closer to the beautiful path. We have the opportunity to embark on that path now; let’s not waste that opportunity. The Saadhu knows it. The chelaa knows it. We can see how damaging sinful acts can be. No one would want to suffer any more.

“Kahein Kabir soono bhai saadho, ootar gaye Guru ke laal”

Satguru Kabir Saheb tells us that the Guru’s cherished ones will definitely get home. He has stayed in the midst of saints, he has remained on track, he did not allow himself to be soiled : Homeland will welcome him with open arms. This is the sacred union, this is the celebration. Do not be like those who are themselves pre-empting closed borders.

“Jab lag naataa jagat kaa, tab lag bhakti na hoye

Naataa tore Hari bhaje, bhakt kahaave soye”

Until you will remain attached to the world, you will never be able to be with God. The true devotee is the one who breaks all bonds with the world and submits himself unconditionally to God. If you want to get back home, your moment of truth is now. Wait no more.

Mahant Jay Jaggessur, Kabir Association of Toronto.