As we commemorate the 622nd appearance anniversary of Satguru Kabir Saheb, let us reflect on what we are missing from all the teachings He imparted to us. Satguru Kabir Saheb came at a time when there was extreme social unrest and religious divide in India. Over the years we have seen that conflicts between countries, among religious groups, and among different races have not subsided. On the contrary, we are witnessing more and more disputes, many of which are even claiming lives of innocent people. Satguru Kabir Saheb’s teachings are universal; had people followed His teachings, we would not be going through so much of rifts.

All His teachings converge to one principle : the principle of oneness. He proclaimed that one truth which is sacrosanct and immutable. That truth is that we are all one with God. Because of ignorance, we do not see our connection with God. And because of that same ignorance, people fight , kill each other and create more and more tension in the whole world. At a time when the world is already grappling with a severe pandemic, an irrational mind has triggered a string of violent protests in the West, giving rise to mobilisations in many other parts of the world. Peace has become a very rare commodity. If only people could apply themselves to the principle of equality, the world would have been a very peaceful place to live. Satguru Kabir Saheb has advised us to relate to that oneness which runs through all of us.

“Samdarsi Satguru kiyaa, diyaa avichal giaan
Jahaan dekho tahaan ek hi, doojaa naahin aan”.

Satguru has taught us oneness by imparting to us that unfaltering knowledge of our Self. Once we understand this teaching, we only see one, we see no duality. Satguru Kabir Saheb has been referred to as the pioneer of oneness. By teaching us that this world is unreal and our true Self is real (Bramha satya, jagat mithyaa), He called upon us to rid ourselves of all differences, and focus on that path which leads us to God.

“Mein laagaa ous ek se, ek bhayaa sab maahin
Sab meraa mein saban kaa, rahaa dusraa naahin”.

When I connected to that one (God), I realised everyone to be the same as me. I realised that there was no difference between me and others, we are all alike, therefore there is no duality. It is when we get entangled in the hypothetical complexities of dualities that we start to harm others. To see peace outside, we have to be peaceful from the inside. It is inner peace that can bring about peace in the world. Implementing this teaching of Satguru Kabir Saheb, we can fulfill ourselves with inner peace. This experience of inner peace then projects itself outside.

“Naam anant jo bramha kaa, tinkaa vaar na paar
Man maane so lijiye, Kahein Kabir vichaar”

God is known by so many different names, God’s name itself being unfathomable. Kabir advises that you can call Him by whichever name you want, it will not change His nature. God is God, regardless if we call Him by different names. People who fight over this are misled in their path. A person’s colour does not include or exclude him from being divine. Satguru Kabir Saheb taught us to focus on the essential and leave the rest. Colour, race, creed, caste do not determine our divinity. We are all divine, we are all godly. We just need to experience the divine presence within us. Then we will realise that the same divine presence prevails in everyone.

Peace is the missing component in many people’s lives. Inner peace. That inner peace is realised when we know we are nothing but the embodiment of love, which is the nature of God. This is what Satguru Kabir Saheb has taught us. On this Pragatya Divas let us all reflect on this message and allow love to permeate each and every heart. May Satguru Kabir Saheb’s teachings always guide us so that peace is never missing in our lives! Happy Jyesth Poornima! Happy Pragatya Divas!

Mahant Jay Jaggessur, Kabir Association of Toronto