Dhamadas’s Longing for Kabir’s Darshan

Dhamadas’s Longing for Kabir’s Darshan

Dharmadas's Longing for Kabir's Darshan

dhūndh dhūndh mai hārā, sadguru

Oh Satguru! I have searched and searched and grown tired, but I have not found you.

I have searched at Rameshwar, Jagdish, Dwarika, Badrinath and Kedara. I have searched even at Kashi, Mathura, Ayodhya, and mountain Girinar.

I have searched the East, West, North and South, and have wandered over the world. I have even visited the sixty -eight places of pilgrimage, always seeking your presence. 

I have many times offered prayers, did austerity, made vows and fasted. I have practiced self- control and disciplines. O Master! I have not met you, even in a dream. What ill fortune I have!

I have not slept day or night, and my whole body is restless. Even now give your darshan (glimpse) to Dharmadas, and take him across from this world of re-incarnation.

Dr. Jagessar Das