Love and Absorption in God

Love and Absorption in God

Love and Absorption in God

lagan kathin more bhāī, guru se 

lagan kathin more bhāī, guru se lagan kathin more bhāī,
lagan lage bin kāj nā sari hai, jīw parlai tarjāī —  chorus

mirgā nād shabd kā bhedī, shabd sunan ko jāī,
soi shabd suni prān det hai, taniko na man me darāī —

taji dhan dhām satī ko niksī, sat karan ko jāī,
pāwak dekhi dare nahi man men, kud pare sar māhī —

swāti bund liye ratat papīhā, piyā piyā rat lāī,
pyāse prān jāi kyon na abahī, owr nīr nahi bhāī —

dou dal āni jure jab sanmukh, surā let larāī,
tuk tuk ho gire dharanī pai, khet chhor nahin jāī —

chhāro apne tan kī āshā, nirbhai ho gun gāī,
kahain kabīr aisī low lāwai, sahaj mile guru āī —

O Brother! It is difficult to be absorbed in loving devotion to the guruWithout it, your life will not be fulfilled, and the soul will not cross this world of dissolution.

The deer knows the secret of the melody and gets absorbed in it. Listening to it, she fearlessly gives up her life.

The sati leaves her home and wealth and goes to burn herself on the funeral pyre. Seeing the fire she is quite fearless and jumps right into it.

For the swati raindrop, the papiha cries “Piya, Piya”. Even if it’s life goes at that moment, it will not accept any other water.

When two armies confront each other, the brave soldiers start to fight. Even if their bodies are cut to pieces, they do not run away from the battlefield.

Similarly, give up attachment to the body, and fearlessly sing the glories of God. Kabir says that whoever loves God like this, finds Him easily and becomes absorbed in Him.

Dr. Jagessar Das