Let’s Aim for Love and Harmony

Let’s Aim for Love and Harmony

Let's Aim for Love and Harmony

आपा तजे और हरि भजे, नख सिख तजे विकार
सब जीवन से निरवैर रहे, साधु मता है सार

- सतगुरु कबीर

Give up the pride of caste and clan and do heartfelt devotion to God. Give up all your faults of lust, greed, anger attachments, hate, ego and others. Caste aside enmity towards everyone. This is the basic principle of the saints.

You can see the logic in Satguru Kabir’s sakhi. If you wish to live in loving harmony with all people, then these defects will definitely block your achievement. Yet all religions teach us to have love and harmony towards all of God’s children.

In spite of the good teachings, most people find it difficult to clean the heart and be pure inwardly, and manifest it outwardly. This difficulty has been present for thousands of years, and is still continuing in full force. I can see two main reasons for the dichotomy that is present between spirituality and religious education. The teachers of religion often do not have the inner experience of Divinity, and the people do not whole-heartedly seek to know the essence of spirituality. So the world fumbles on hoping for better times!

May God intervene and awaken us to His Reality dwelling intimately in our hearts. Satguru Kabir said, “uth jag musaphir, bhor bhayi, ab rein kahan jo tu sowat hein.”

Dr. J. Das
Email: dasj.kabir@gmail.com