By: Mahant Jay Jaggessur, January 19th, 2019

Our reaction to difficult situations in life is often tainted with anger, frustration, stress, irritation, resentment… When things go well, we just take everything easy, but the moment we face a challenging situation, we start ranting “Why me?” Why does it happen to me? What have I done? We do not easily accept to deal with situations which require us to make efforts to overcome hurdles. This new age has also come with so many new technological advances that mankind has become too dependent on automation to get things done. The moment we are deprived of technology, we become helpless. But there is a reason why we have to face and overcome challenges in our life: our faith in God needs to be tested.

To be able to face all situations in life with the same courage and faith is indeed a great quality. All Saints and Sages have taught us to be positive and strong, and to persevere in the spiritual path we embark. To be strong in the mind, to have good control of the mind, to address life-changing situations with assertion. Satguru Kabir Saheb taught us that it is the mind which can lead us to success, and the same mind can fail us.

“Man Ke Haare Haar Hain, Man Ke Jeete Jeet;
Paramaatam Ko Paaiye, Manahi Ke Parateet.”

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By being positive, we are able to pursue our goal and remained focus on our objective. At the same time, we have to accept that Life will throw challenges at us. These challenges should not deter us from remaining on track. If we give in to frustration, we will not be able to achieve our purpose in life. In every situation we have to see the positive. Even in the worst situation, there is still an opportunity for growth or progress. If we see the situation with a negative outlook, we will not see that opportunity. However, if we try to see how best we can benefit from it, then we will definitely not be suffer.

It also requires great courage to muster our positive energy to face adverse situations. That courage comes from the mind. People who are not spiritually-equipped easily fall prey to anger, stress, and irritation which cause them to attack or blame others for what befell them. This in no way helps to solve an already unfortunate circumstance. Satguru Kabir Saheb teaches us that by accepting a condition and addressing it with a calm mind, we are in better control of ourselves and better off with a solution.

“Gaaree Hee Se Oopaje, Kalahaa Kasht Aur Meech;
Haari Chale So Sant Hain, Laagi Mare So Neech.”

Those who retort by swearing and by being irritated  lead to more discord, suffering and disputes. Saintly people just let go, therefore are not afflicted. Those who do not let go are vulgar.

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Satguru Kabir Saheb has given us a very strong message in this saakhee by instructing us to let go. Only those people who have embraced a spiritual way of life can implement that. Otherwise people get provoked easily. Giving in to provocations lead to an increased level of discord, which affect more people.

Laughing at others’ flaws or defects is also something which can pollute relationships and create rifts among people. While it is not good for someone to deride or insult others, Satguru Kabir Saheb teaches us to let go of such criticism if we are the target.  Saintly people should never harass others by criticizing them. No one is perfect; we all have our own imperfections. Rather than finding imperfections in others, one should rather try to improve his own defects.

“Dosh Paraay Dekh Kar, Chalaa Hasant Hasant;
Apne Yaad Na Aavayee, Jinakaa Aadi Na Ant.”

He who laughs at others’ flaws and keeps laughing at them does not realise that he himself has endless defects.

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Acceptance is indeed a great quality, and to let go requires immense courage. Also, by praying for the welfare of one and all is a honorable act. In difficult situations, people tend to withdraw on themselves and disregard others, thinking that everyone else is their opponent. If anything they will only pray for themselves.

The following story illustrates how someone who was afflicted by an adverse situation came out of it successfully by being saintly.

A grocer who had been operating for years, and before him, his father and forefathers have been doing the same trade, suddenly faced a challenging situation. A large departmental store opened just across from him. He was very stressed as he feared that his business will now start to go down and soon have to close his shop. He was very troubled as that was his only source of income to feed his family.

He went to see a Saint and explained to him his trouble. He told the Saint how every day he was so upset and kept thinking bad of the new departmental store, and prayed for its closure. The Saint explained to him that by so doing, he was in fact attracting more trouble. The grocer was shocked at what the Saint told him and wondered what else could he do. The Saint told him that every morning before entering his store, he prays and bless his store, and also, turn to the competitor and bless them too. The grocer was puzzled, but the Saint convinced him to do that every day and then come back to see him in 2 months’ time.

After two months when the grocer reported back to the Saint that he had to close down his store. That was because he was hired by the departmental store as a General Manager. He was definitely earning more, incurred less risks, and was able to look after his family better. In every situation there is an opportunity for us to rise. It suffices that we be positive and identify our welfare from it.