Lost Hopes and Unfulfilled Expectations

Lost Hopes and Unfulfilled Expectations

Lost Hopes and Unfulfilled Expectations

By: Mahant Jay Jaggessur Saheb, October 28th, 2017

As human beings, we all live with hopes. Hopes for a better life, happier future, successful careers, abundance in food etc.… If we think about it, whatever we need to live our life properly has already been provided. The lack of food, shelter or clothing is merely a man-made creation. Thousands of years ago when soft drinks did not exist, concrete was not yet researched, textile factories did not exist, people were still able to sustain themselves. Evolution has created new needs for mankind which make it almost impossible to live without the new inventions. Can we imagine one day without the internet? Without motorised vehicles? Without electricity? Yet, people in the olden days were still living well without these. Our hopes are tied to lots of things which we consider indispensable when in fact they are not. This feeling of dependency on these “indispensable” things is merely a creation of our mind.

In pursuing our hopes, we often forget our true goal in life. Our fundamental purpose of living this human life is to attain a destination which is not dependent on the luxuries of life. We have been provided with all that we need, yet we look for more; we look for things which are of no use to help us attain our destination. As much as it is fine to enjoy the new inventions, we should not be dependent on them to such an extent that we cannot live our life without them. None of the material things will go with us or even help us reach our goal. What we need to reach our destination is already within us.

“Aashaa Ek Guru Dev Kee, Dooji Aas Niraas;
Paanee Men Ghar Meen Kaa, So Kyun Mare Piyaas.”
Put all hopes in the Guru (God), it is useless to depend on anyone/anything else;
 If the fish is already in its home (water), how can it die of thirst?

(see transliteration and pronunciation guide here)

We need a Guru to show us the path; that’s it. The Guru teaches us, awakens us, makes us aware of all the tools and resources we have within us. This equipped, we can follow our path and complete our journey.

Expectations also make people do lots of bad things. In order to achieve something, they even harm others, being unaware that all their expectations are but illusory. Being tempted by expensive material things, they often get trapped in the desires of acquiring things which they won’t even use and leave behind when they depart from this world. Why then commit all kinds of crimes, violence, to acquire material things? Worldly enjoyment is ephemeral, but people tend to think that they will enjoy for ever.

“Aashaa Jeeve Jag Mare, Log Mare Mari Jaahin;
Dhan Saanche Te Bhee Mare, Oobare So Dhan Khaahin.”
Expectations never die, people die and continue to die;
All the wealth which you struggled to earn will be enjoyed by others

(see transliteration and pronunciation guide here)

If we do not attach ourselves to illusory things, we will not suffer the pain of running after them, acquiring them, and not enjoying them. What we need to attach ourselves to is God. Saints and Sages have taught us to put all our faith in God and not doubt his power. Whatever will happen, will happen in our best interests, good or bad. We just need to believe in Him.

There once was a valiant soldier who just got married and was taking his bride home. He had to cross a river in a boat to get to his home. On their way there was a severe storm with heavy rain, lightning, and thunder. The weather would not improve and the boatman could hardly navigate in the rough waters. The new bride was very scared, thinking they might not make it to the shore and perish in the storm. Her husband, however, was calm and not worried at all. She asked her husband: “Are you not worried? We have not yet spent a single day together after being married and such a terrible storm is threatening our lives. I do not think we have any hope of reaching home safe.” The husband stayed calm, which made the wife still more upset and worried. She was panicking, and again seeing her husband’s indifference, she asked again how come he was not at all concerned. This time the husband took his sword out of its sheath, put it to his wife’s neck and asked her: “Are you worried? Are you worried that I will take your life?” She replied: “Of course not! I know you cannot kill me, because you love me”. The husband then said: “God loves me; He cannot let me down. He will not let you and I perish like this; I have faith in Him. He will bring us ashore”.

If we have unconditional faith in God, we will always be safe in His hands. We need to let Him take control; all we need to do is submit ourselves to His power and grace. Keeping hopes, having expectations from the world will lead us nowhere. God is who we should put all our hopes on.

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