The School of Life

The School of Life

Life and experiences of life are instructors which teach us to better understand our existence. All that we experience become part of our subconscious mind and we draw from those experiences whenever we need them. We may be unaware that our souls are going through an evolution, a learning process, which allows it to elevate to the highest level until it gets liberated.  The learning process therefore leads us to learn about that higher order of existence which is unbound by Maya. All the outer physical experiences of the world do eventually contribute to evoke an inner spiritual growth. But it depends on how we interpret the experiences of the outward world. Each person understands his own experience differently and are at different stages, depending on their spiritual level. Every experience has a spiritual aspect to it. On the surface, it will appear worldly, but deep down it is part of the soul’s learning process and evolution. If we are spiritual beings going through a human experience, we have to understand that only our spiritual experiences will stay with us and go with us. All else will perish, just as the body perishes. Only the eternal transcends this world to go beyond in its journey to the eternal abode. Material possessions are just for temporary use, while we are going through this human experience. Satguru Kabir Saheb said :

“Maya Muee Na Man Muaa, Mari Mari Gayaa Shareer;
Aashaa Trishnaa Naa Muee, Yon Kathi Kahain Kabeer.”

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In other words, neither the mind nor Maya die, nor do hopes and desires; the body keeps on ageing and dying. How will one obtain salvation if such is the case?  Satguru Kabir Saheb is referring here to the countless number of births and deaths the soul has gone through without being liberated. When the human birth is obtained, it is given the opportunity to go through a learning process (human life being a school). Attachment due to the mind, Maya and unfulfilled desires have kept the soul in bondage. But if we obtain the right knowledge, we will know our real purpose and attain our goal. We have to learn from the worldly experiences by understanding the spiritual meaning of those experiences; not by being trapped in the clutches of Maya.  Satguru Kabir Saheb emphasises on the importance of knowledge. As human beings we have to learn the truth about our existence so that we may be liberated. Doubts and fear give a different dimension to that purpose. Satguru Kabir Saheb said :

“Sansay Kaal Shareer Men, Visham Kaal Hai Door;
Jaako Koee Jaane Nahin, Jaari Kare Sab Dhoor.”

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The fear of death stays with us because of our ignorance, because we don’t realise our true nature (we don’t have the knowledge). Death itself may be far ahead. But those who have no knowledge of this eternal truth get burnt to ashes.  In other words, their lives are wasted, because instead of making use of their human existence to know the truth, they get trapped in confusion and doubts. There once was a hardworking carpenter who was about to retire. His boss gave him a big job to do when he least expected it. He thought his boss will only give him a few light tasks; so he was disappointed with the job he got to do. His boss told him to build a house. Frustrated, he did the job, but not as perfectly as he would have done other such jobs. All the experience he had to make good houses was being wasted as he rushed to complete the job and retire. When he completed the job, he went to see his boss. The boss then told him that he could retire now, and that the house that he built was his. The carpenter was shocked and ashamed of himself. How could he have done such a thing to himself? If he knew he was building a house for himself, he would have done the best job he could.

Life is a great instructor, gives us lots of valuable experiences, but we often ignore them and give in to material temptations. Let us use our human experience to grow spiritually. There is a spiritual side to everything that takes place in our life, and this spiritual experience is the most important lesson we are to learn as a human being.

Satyavaani message delivered by Mahant Jay Jaggessur on May 6th 2017

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