GOD’s Presence

GOD’s Presence

Satyavaani message delivered by Mahant Jay Jaggessur on January 7, 2016

As we started a new year and many people think of new resolutions, new beginnings, new opportunities for positive expectations, there is hope that they can improve and do better than what they did in the past. While the past cannot be undone, a positive attitude to do better is a good way to start the new year.  The only challenge in such new year resolutions is that they tend to remain hopes or dreams which are left unfulfilled.  Let us reflect on how we can let the Divinity flow within us, reach others and allow us to accomplish our goals.  In many of his bhajans, saakhis and other sayings, Satguru Kabir Saheb advises the seeker that if he believes that he will find God in temples, mosques or pilgrimages or other Holy places, he is greatly mistaken. He did not mean to say that God is not present in those places; what he meant was that God is as much present there as He is in any other place. God is not confined to one specific place, or as some believe in their specific place of worship. God is omnipresent, both inside and outside.  If God is already present within oneself, then what is the use of searching outside?  To experience progress in the spiritual path, one must dare to trust God’s presence within oneself. The best way of establishing that trust is to believe in your heart.

“Aankh na moundoun kaan na roundhoun, kaayaa kasht na dhaaroun
Khule nayn mein hans hans dekhoun, soundar roop nihaaroun”

Then the mind responds to the power of your belief, that belief becomes faith, and if reinforced by your spiritual commitment, you can see yourself realizing your goals, getting closer to your destination.  It requires determination to persevere in that path so that old beliefs of fear of the unknown, or familiarity developed over time by just giving in to mundane beliefs are dissipated and replaced by actual truth. Putting your consciousness into action is the challenge because the Universal Consciousness is God, and therefore God’s presence in each and every thing.

“Sab ghat meraa saaiyan sooni sej na koye
Balihaari taa daas ki jaa ghat pargat hoye”

Going away from the surface and delving deeper into oneself will reveal one’s purpose in life. Realising that the soul is the individualised manifestation of that Universal Consciousness or God inspires us to perform the actions we are destined to perform in this human life.Our human bodies are temples, and God manifests Himself within ourselves. The experience of God’s presence within ourselves is a greater experience than feeling God’s presence in any Holy place.

“Jahan jahn jaaoun soyi parikramaa, jo kucch karoun so poojaa
Jo sowoun to karoun bandage bhaav na laaoun doojaa”

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