If people are impatient to find their ‘perfect’ world back, it means that there is also an imperfect world. Are they in that imperfect world now? Perfection and imperfection is a perception, which is nurtured in our minds. We live in a world of dualities – love and hatred, hot and cold, high and low, big and small, sunshine and rain, peace and war…. We become a product of this dual concept which prompts us to fight for the best of the two. Ignoring the fact that life in this physical realm is all about suffering. Even the so-called happiness is suffering coated with a layer of evanescent joy.

“Kshudh trishaa nahin shit ushan tahaan, sukh dukh ko sanchaaraa
Adhi na vyaadhi oopaadhi kacchu tahaan, paap punya bistaaraa”

There where there is no hunger, no thirst, no cold or hot, no feeling of happiness or suffering; there where there is no mental or physical afflictions, no manifestation of sin or virtue : Such is my country. The agony of prolonged confinement triggers the desire for freedom and flexibility. As if a right has been violated. In this physical plane of existence, we will face the challenges of helplessness as long as we believe that we can find perfection in illusion. But if we realise that everything here is illusory, we will not run after perfection here. We will search for it in the real world.

“Ounch nich kul ki mariyaadaa, aashram varn bichaaraa
Dharm adharm tahaan kacchu naahin, sayam niyam achaaraa”

My country is where there is no high and low castes, no segregation of life in stages, no righteousness or unrighteousness, no discipline or rule to be observed. The COVID pandemic has proved that there is no discrimination in who can be infected. Similarly, all the castes, statuses, ranks, laws, rules, religions are all man-made. The universal consciousness does not discriminate among living beings. By creating different rules for different people, Man has disgraced his own existence. Satguru Kabir Saheb affirmed that God is within everyone’s reach, regardless of his colour, race, birth. And to establish this, he invites the learned devotee to his abode.

“Ati abhiraam dhaam sarvopaari, shobhaa taasu apaaraa
Kahein Kabir soono bhai Sadho, teen lok se nyaaraa”

My country is above and beyond, most beautiful, and incomparable. Kabir says : It is beyond what the three worlds can offer. Satguru Kabir Saheb is calling the devotee to experience for himself the beauty of the real world. Nothing comparable to what we term beautiful on the physical plane. The invitation is to an inner journey, which connects one with God’s consciousness.

Words are being used to describe the experience, but as Satguru Kabir Saheb Himself will put it, words are still man-made; therefore, words will not be able to describe the experience. One has to undertake the journey himself. You cannot find the perfect where there is imperfection as well. It has to be beyond where dualities exist.

Mahant Jay Jaggessur, Kabir Association of Toronto.