Everyone in the whole world has been busy sanitizing their hands. So much so that all hands are spotless and virus-free now. However, what many people need to sanitize has yet to be focused on. Hearts and minds. Before economies are back running full swing, people must understand that unless we have a pure heart and a clean mind, we will not be able to live peacefully and purposefully. After going through such a widespread and tragic turmoil, can we afford to undergo a second wave? Or another chaos?

“Gurugan chakmak mansaa phoolaa, bhram agni pragat kar moolaa
Sanshaye shok sakal bhram jaaraa, paanch pachison pragat hi maaraa
Dil kaa darpan duvidhaa khoyi, so vairaagi pakkaa hoyi”

The knowledge imparted by the Guru is like sparks, which burns the desires and at the same time removes ignorance from the mind. The disciple is relieved of his doubts, distress and all confusion, and is also detached from the physical elements and attributes of this world. Thus the mirror of his heart is cleansed so that he can see his true ‘Self’, becoming a perfect, disciplined and detached devotee of God. Satguru Kabir Saheb instructs us to clean our minds : the Guru’s lessons have to be accepted word-for-word. These lessons may be bitter and pinching, but they are for the disciple’s good. For the mind to become clean, any ‘impurities’ already there have to be removed. And this may be very painful; as we grow up with many ‘scripted’ lessons which by the world’s standards are fair. Many of the disasters we go through result from those standards, which ultimately catch us in our own traps.

In order to see our true ‘Self’, our hearts have to be pure. The mirror has to be spotless. Over time, lots of stains have accumulated, blurring our vision. We need to sanitize; remove all the hatred, anger, envy, jealousy….to be able to see our true nature. When detachment and love fills our mind and hearts, chasing away all undesired expectations and negative emotions, then we are ready to unite with God.

“Man ko maar gagan charhi jaayi, maansarovar paithi nahaayi
Anahad naad naam ki poojaa, bhram vairaag dev nahin doojaa”

Winning over his mind, the disciple elevates himself to the spiritual plane, dives and bathes in the lake of peace. At this point, he only worships the Naam (God) unconditionally, listening to the unstruck divine melody. Victory over the unstable mind allows us to focus on our path, leading to the abode of bliss. And once we are immersed in that abode, nothing else is relevant.

We are spiritual beings; therefore, we have to pursue a spiritual path. With clean minds, pure hearts. That’s how we must be.  

Mahant Jay Jaggessur, Kabir Association of Toronto.