This world is indeed very strange : aversion for a virus brings everyone together, but love for God cannot bring all of humanity together. The world leaders have been and are still calling for unity among all people to fight against this deadly virus. People are dodging their religious affinities and all other race, creed, caste appurtenances to stand up united against this common enemy. Sparked by resentment. Now, imagine if love could bind us all together. Imagine if we all, as one race, the human race, would perform our noble actions as we are destined to.

“Man neki karle, do din kaa mehmaan”

Oh mind! You are a visitor on this planet…for 2 days only; do noble actions. Abusing nature, hurting others, exploiting other living beings…. None of these has ever been our mission when we came here. We have a duty to bequeath to the next generation a clean and safe place to live; we did not inherit this place, we borrowed it from our grandchildren. By doing our part, we will both be  fulfilling our virtuous deeds and safeguarding the health of this planet for others.

“Ant kaal outh chalaa akelaa, taji maayaa mandaan”

In the end you will have to go alone, leaving all that you have so proudly been accumulating. At the cost of harming others, imposing your superiority on other living beings, you defile the ecosystem, thinking you are making progress. Your pseudo progress not only costs you the disgrace of falling back in the cycle of rebirths, but also jeopardises the whole world’s health. None of your progress will help you.

“Kahaan se aayaa kahaan jaayegaa, tan choote man kahaan rahegaa”

Where did you come from? Where will you go? Where will you be when you leave this body? People who are so engrossed in making progress at any cost don’t care about where they are headed. They are only interested in immediate results, careless about consequences. Only those people who understand that they are spiritual beings can reflect on these questions.

“Jugan jugan tou martaa jitaa, kyun kartaa abhimaan”

You have been dying and taking birth again and again for so many ages, yet you are still proud of yourself. Man is the highest form of living being; he who is born as a human being is set on the track to realise God. But many people still commit the same vicious mistakes, guided by their ego. Satguru Kabir Saheb advises us to shed pride, and live as noble children of God. Then only we will reach His abode.

“Hil mil rehanaa dekar khaanaa, badi cchor kar neki karnaa”

Live in harmony with everyone, feed the needy; give up bad actions and do good deeds. Acknowledging the same principle of life in all living beings, we should live and let others live. If we disturb other beings’ existence, we will pay the consequences. The price of sinful actions can be clearly seen with this raging pandemic. Similarly, when we disturb nature’s course, we have to pay back a heavy price.

“Kahein Kabir nirgun ko japnaa, karnaa Guru sanmaan”

Kabir instructs : worship the formless God, and respect your Guru. The pride in many people is so big that they refuse to acknowledge that it is the inconceivable God who is behind all the ‘operations’ of the universe. Their pride is so big that they refuse to acknowledge the grace of the Guru. Unless we come to terms with our true identity, unless we realise who we are connected with, unless we surrender ourselves to the Guru, we will keep failing in our purpose. We are noble beings; let us not be trouble makers, let us do noble deeds.

Mahant Jay Jaggessur, Kabir Association of Toronto.