Many times we keep accumulating things at home which we do not use, but think that we will use them some day. And then some day, maybe around Diwali or New Year, we start cleaning up and find so much stuff that we have not been using and just throw them away. We realise that we have been hoarding stuff which we actually never used. In our minds too, we store stuff, both good and bad. But those bad things that we store turn out to be an unwanted load which we cannot shed. Then we think : If only I did not carry that load. 

“Man re, tou samoujhi ke laad ladaniyaan”

Oh mind! Think well before you load yourself with actions. Satguru Kabir Saheb is clearly telling us that before we perform any actions, we should think well. Because once we have committed the action, we cannot undo it, and it stays with us forever. We must be very mindful of what we do. The process should always be : think first and then do. We should not do and then think. 

“Pinaa ho toh yahin tou pile, aage desh naa paniyaan”

If you have to drink, drink now; you will not have water where you are going. In this life we have been equipped with all the instruments to tap into the reservoir of nectar. If we think that after we die we will have the opportunity to save ourselves by pleading to God, we are greatly mistaken. Now is the time for us to connect to God’s consciousness, so that when we leave this world we will stay in his realm. 

“Saudaa ho toh yahin kar lenaa, aage haat na baniyaan”

If you have to buy anything, do it now; there will be neither market nor trader at your next stop. Satguru Kabir Saheb wants us to understand that we have to surrender ourselves completely to the Guru now – now is our opportunity. We will have no chance to redeem ourselves later. Nothing is ours, everything is His. Acknowledge that we are in His hands, and accept whatever befalls us. 

“Bare bare naayak laad gaye, teri baat kitaniyaan”

Great players have left with their loads, what will happen to you? Famous people, who are still remembered, also departed with their loads of bad actions. Satguru Kabir Saheb wants us to reflect and learn our lesson before it is too late. We should not do what will cost us to come back in the cycle of rebirths.

“Jamraajaa ke doot phirat hai, tor daale gardaniyaan”

The messengers of the God of death are wandering, ever ready to take you away. This reminder is for us to know what we should do to avoid falling in the traps of Yamraj. If we do not fulfill the purpose of our journey in this life, we are bound to remain in the clutches of Kaal. Our actions along with our name will save us.

“Ghar ke log jagaati ho ke, cchin let kardhaniyaan”

Your family members are only interested in your wealth once you depart. Just as Yamraj is hovering above your head, your people are around you waiting to grab your wealth. You are not safe; there are snares everywhere. Not that you must beware, but you must be aware of your mission. In any case, nothing is yours in this world.

“Kahein Kabir soono bhai saadho, shabd men surati samaniyaan”

Kabir says : Focus on the Word and meditate on Him. If we know what our ultimate destination is, we should work on reaching there. Deviating from the path which will lead us there will only create more burden for us. Meditation is the key.

Unless we start unburdening ourselves from all those unwanted actions, perform the right actions, and keep our trust in Him, we will end up in Maya again. Let the Light of God brighten our path, and let us all stick to our goal. No loads, only blessings.

Mahant Jay Jaggessur, Kabir Association of Toronto.