So far medical experts are recommending prevention as the best solution to curtail the spread of coronavirus. But those people who have already contracted the disease can do very little so far as prevention is concerned. The lack of protective equipment has also provoked disputes among countries fighting over the limited supplies. In some countries a resurgence of the disease is proving the futility of mankind’s ingenuity. If we do not shift our focus from external warfare to internal discipline, recovery will be much harder. How?

“Pile pyaalaa ho matwaalaa, pyaalaa prem amiras kaa”

Become intoxicated by drinking full cups of the nectar of love. Satguru Kabir Saheb wants us to become love. Love IS the nectar, we need no antidote. But what is the actual nectar of love He is referring to here? It is the words flowing from your Guru; let those words sink in you, sink so deep in you that you become loaded only and only with those teachings. And when you are inebriated with that nectar, whatever you think, speak or do will be engrossed with that nectar. That nectar is the one elixir for anything that comes in your way as trouble.

“Jo dam jivo naam gun gaavo, dhan yoban sapnaa nisikaa”

As long as you have breath, sing the praises of the Lord; wealth and youth are just passing dreams. If you think your wealth will save you from afflictions, you are greatly mistaken. If you think that you are strong, very strong to fight any disease, you are again mistaken. In the beginning we were warned that infants and elderly people are more at risk, but statistics have shown that the highest number of cases has been registered among people aged 20 to 50. Statistics also show that this age group is less spiritually-inclined. 

“Baalaapan to khel men khoyo, vridh bhayaa kaph vaat ne ghere”

Childhood and teenage years are spent mostly in playing games. And when you become old, you barely have control over yourself, you become prey to all kinds of illnesses. When is the right time? Parents try to shape children’s lives, and grandparents are ignored because they are too old. People have good reasons to defer praying for later; that later which may never come. Children need to play, if not when will they play? Teenagers need to have fun, if not, when will they have fun? Adults need to work, get married, raise children….and older folks are just too weak to move or attempt to do anything. Then, when is the time to drink the nectar? And if we do not drink the nectar, how can we be protected by all kinds of evil?

“Bin Satguru itne dukh paayo, jaise moovaa mirgaa”

The deer dies in search of the musk, not knowing that it has the musk in itself always. If people do not resort to Satguru they will be no different than the deer. Humans have special abilities, but many people ignore that, and live just like other living beings. 

“Kahein Kabir soono bhai saadho, nakh sikh roop banaa vishkaa”

Kabir says : Oh brother saadhu! The whole body is filled with poison. People who have been running after the wrong cup have polluted their whole body with filth – the wrong food, the wrong thoughts, the wrong company, the wrong goals, the wrong conduct…. It might be too late to drink the elixir. Wake up while there is still time. The elixir is ready, waiting for you.

Mahant Jay Jaggessur, Kabir Association of Toronto.