In spite of rigorous social distancing practices, the number of COVID-19 cases have been on the rise and alarming. Some people have and are still finding it hard to cope with staying away from family members and friends. We are lucky that we are in an era where the internet is providing us with networking abilities, where we can still stay in touch with each other virtually. But more than the technological platform we need to network at a spiritual level. Because much of what is flowing through the internet is overwhelmingly uncontrollable and unfavourable to our spiritual growth.

“Milnaa hoye toh mil jul lijie, yehi dam kaa melaa hai”

If you want to meet with the Divine, do it now. With love and gratitude. Social distancing should not be an obstacle for us to connect with God. The victims of COVID-19 had plans, they did not know they would be leaving the planet so soon. We have no time to wait to unite spiritually. Many people are regretting the sudden deaths of their loved ones. Wishing they had more time to spend with them… There is no guarantee of more time, of extensions, of second chance. The only thing we have is NOW.

“Deepak hai toh ghat oojiyaaraa, giaan guru man chelaa hai”

Knowledge is Guru, mind is the disciple; the light of knowledge is what enlightens our hearts. If we live in ignorance, we will never be able to find that God is within us. And while we have the breath, we can experience His presence. Which leads us to His abode when we depart. Human beings have intellect, which other living beings do not have. We have to draw from that reservoir of discriminative power to know our true Self. Otherwise we will be no different than other animals.

“Is nagari ki yehi reeti hai, sukh mahangaa dukh sastaa hai”

The world is a strange place : some people are laughing while others are crying. True happiness is very rare but there is an abundance of suffering. Only if we search for real happiness shall we find it. People laugh for a little while and cry for the rest of their life. If they find real happiness, there is no reason for laughing or crying. They will understand the purpose of their journey in this world and accept even the sufferings as part of their mission.

“Saadhu Sant ko boond kaa naahin, paap kaa meh barastaa hai”

Few are saintly people in this world, and many are evil-minded people who infest every corner of this planet. It is so easy to get swamped by immorality. Those who seek the company of saintly people are safe. They gracefully grow like the lotus flower, which despite having its roots in muddy water, blooms beautifully into an exquisite finesse of perfection. 

“Amarlok se aayaa bande, phir amaraa pur jaanaa hai”

You came from the Eternal abode, and you have to go back there. To return to your true home, you need to find the right path. Therefore you have to join all those who have embarked on that path. Satguru Kabir Saheb instructs us further that we have to embark on that path with determination, with conviction, with dedication….with passion – Aissi lagan lagaanaa hai.

Moments of togetherness in the spiritual realm is what we have to pursue and experience. Divine presence is experienced in every single moment of spiritual networking.

Mahant Jay Jaggessur, Kabir Association of Toronto.