The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed triggered devotion in many people who would otherwise not have been dedicating time to pray and acknowledge God. It will defeat the whole purpose of our goals in life if when the crisis is over people become oblivious of their true calling. Our goal should be pursued at all times, not only when we see our life falling apart. Being in the right company allows us to attune ourselves to that frequency which keeps us on the proper track.

“Santan ke sang laag re, teri acchi banegi”

Be in the company of saintly people always; you will be successful in your life. Traps are set at each and every step of our life. And it is so easy to fall in those traps. But if we constantly stay in the right company, we will be safe. There are so many reasons for not going to satsangs. I don’t have time, I have work to do, I need to go out with friends, it is too early for me to wake up…. Not having time is an irrational excuse, because we would still be doing something. Not that we do not have time, but we choose to do something else instead. Work? Will you be able to work without His grace? Friends? Your friends need satsang as well. Early? If too early is the reason, then it might be too late by the time you wake up.

“Hansan ki gati hansahi jaane, kyaa jaane koyi kaag”

Only those who have realised themselves can understand the nature of like-minded people. Those who have not woken up to their true calling will not be able to understand the importance of being in good company. Unless those who are not awake submit themselves to a Guru, they will continue to wander in darkness. Knowing the ill effects of bad conduct as we have witnessed with this crisis, people should resort to their Guru and turn things around.

“Santan ke sang poorna kamayi, hoyi baro tero bhaag”

By keeping the company of saintly people, you will earn the true merits to fulfil your purpose; you will be more and more fortunate. Saintly people can only wish you well. Other people are there only to take advantage of you. Neither should you harm anyone nor should you allow yourself to be harmed by being in the wrong company.

“Dhruv ki bani, Prahalad ki ban gayi, Guru sumiran vairaag”

Dhruv and Prahalad were both liberated by submitting themselves to their Gurus and practising detachment. If great sages like them surrendered themselves  to a Guru, then is it not natural that we should as well? There is no other way.

“Kahat Kabir soono bhai Saadho, Ram bhajan mein laag”

Kabir says : Practice devotion, this is your lifeline for redemption. It has been predicted and proclaimed in many scriptures that this Iron Age will be a very hard one. Activities in which people have been indulging themselves are beyond what we can imagine. If we want to be safe from such atrocities and reach our goal safely, the only way is to remember God always, in everything we think, speak and do.

Mahant Jay Jaggessur, Kabir Association of Toronto.