Are you lost? Or are you a loser? Many people are lost dealing with the challenges of this pandemic. Some don’t know what to do any more, others are fed up with confinement and are not able to deal with uncertainty, still others are fighting, but conceding to a lost battle. What are we losing in this combat against an evil which wants to prove more and more to us that we are insignificant mortals? As long as we are not losing our real identity, anything else we lose in our fight against the virus is fine. We should not be lost in our path. We rather lose than be lost. If we do not own anything on this mortal plane of existence, what are we to lose?

“Kabir tou haaraa bhalaa, jeetan de sansaar

 Haare ko Hari mile, jeetaa jam ke dwaar”

This is a very powerful statement. You are better off losing at the cost of the world winning. Let the world win. Because losing oneself means merging with God, while he who boasts of having won remains disconnected from God and gets in the trap of Yamraj. We have nothing to win in this world. Because nothing can be ours. Our ‘Self’ is the most precious identity of our existence which, when absorbed in the Supreme Self, is fulfilled. If we aim at winning to be recognised and celebrated by the world’s standards, then we are lost in our path. And if we are afraid of losing our ‘Self’ to God, then we are wasting the opportunity we have been given as a human being.

“Boond samaaye samoodra mein, yeh jaane sab koye

 Samoodra samaaye boond mein, birlaa jaane koye”

It is easy to understand how a drop can merge in the ocean – anybody can relate to it. But rare are those who can discern the ocean merging into the drop. The loss of the drop is in fact its fulfillment. When the soul gets enlightened, it becomes a magnet to the Universal Consciousness. The soul loses itself, but never gets lost in its path. In these difficult times, we should not lose track of our path. We should persevere, regardless of what is happening in the world.

“Tou toh Ram soomar jag larne de”

Satguru Kabir Saheb advises us to continue to meditate; let the world deal with its dilemma. Be resolved in pursuing your path. If we have faith in God, if we trust that He is and will take care of us if we submit ourselves to Him, then do not bother yourself with the gloomy pessimism others are painting. Do your part, and leave the rest to God; do not give in to negative influences.

“Kahein Kabir soono bhai saadho, narak parat waako parne de”

Kabir advises : Let those who want to go to hell go! We have a choice to make : Do we want to stick to devotion or do we want the world to dictate our actions? We better lose ourselves in our devotion to God than be lost in the world.

Mahant Jay Jaggessur, Kabir Association of Toronto.