Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who have been infected by the coronavirus, wishing their speedy recovery. Our thoughts and prayers are also with all those who have lost their loved ones in this pandemic. As much as we grieve the loss of the thousands of victims, we must also learn our lesson from their sudden demise. There could be no better way to prepare us on our journey than such a strong and clear blow to mankind. And this better way is a strong message, a message of hope. Yes, there is hope.

“Jeevat hi karo aasaa Saadho bhai”

Oh Seeker! Nurture your hopes to realise Him while you are still alive! It is only when we still are in His network, connected to Him through our breath, that we can hope to experience Him. We have been bestowed with this human birth as a gateway to reach Him. Therefore, now is the time for us to hope and make our way to Him. No tomorrow, no procrastination, no after life… Now is the time. 

“Jeevat samjhe, jeevat bujhe, jeevat mukti nivaasaa”

It is while you are still alive that you can understand and comprehend; therefore know how to be liberated. As human beings we are bestowed with intuitive powers which allow us to understand otherwise inconceivable aspects of our existence. Therefore, it is only while we are still living that we can fathom these facets of our being, our true Self. Which will lead us to liberation.

“Jeevan karam ki phans na kaati, muye mukti ki aasaa”

If while you are living you are not able to break the chains of bondage, how are you going to do so when you are dead? Satguru Kabir Saheb is clearly telling us that we cannot have hope when we are no longer alive. We have all we need to break our ties with the world : breath, intelligence, intellect, consciousness. At death none of these will be with us to lead us to the door to liberation.

“Tan cchoote jeev milan kahat hai, so sab jhooti aasaa”

People who believe that when the soul separates from the body (at death) it will be liberated are keeping false hopes. Liberation does not mean when the soul leaves the physical body. That would be just too easy. We have to work our way to liberation. And it is done while we are living. Each and every day of our life counts, every breath counts. Let us not be fooled by false hopes. Knowing, understanding and practising our mission will bring us to liberation, not just death.

“Abahoun milaa to tabahoun milegaa, nahin to jampurvaasaa”

If you found Him now, you will have Him then too (at death); otherwise you will dwell in the City of Death. Our purpose is the pursuit of realisation. If we are able to realise God while alive, then there is no doubt that we will be in union with Him when we pass on. Not realising God, not knowing where our destination is leaves us in the hands of Yamraj. Which gets us back in bondage, circling the cycle of birth and death.

“Sat gahe Satguru ko chinhe, Sat naam viswaasaa”

Immerse yourself in Truth and acknowledge the true Guru; have full faith in the name (Sat naam). God is truth; if we allow only and only truth to prevail, we will be in God’s presence. Having faith in Him while we let our hopes fuel our determination to realise Him, there will be no reason why we will not reach our goal.

“Kahein Kabir saadhan hitkaari, ham saadhan ke daasaa”

Kabir says : consistent practice is what is required; be the slave of practice. In other words, Satguru Kabir Saheb is teaching us perseverance in our pursuit. Do not give up hope. Keep going. We have the means while we are living. We will surely be liberated if we apply ourselves consistently. Be positive, be hopeful.

Mahant Jay Jaggessur, Kabir Association of Toronto.