Good things come to those who wait. Wait for what? Although we know that things will happen in their own time, it is not wise to just sit and wait. Our countdown has started the day we were born. We do not get a second chance to relive our childhood. We might not get a second chance to be born again as a human being. As we move forward in life we have to continue to do the things we have control of doing. We have to make things happen instead of waiting for things to happen. When we do our part, the Guru’s grace does the rest.

“Are man! Yeh do din kaa melaa rahegaa”

Oh mind! You are in this world for 2 days only. Many people are counting the days to when the lockdown will be over, thinking they will re-start living then. Should we be wasting our time until then? We are here for a limited amount of time, each and every breath is precious. Satguru Kabir Saheb teaches us that we are in bondage anyways. Therefore, we have to work to liberate ourselves all the time. 

“Tere safar men sawaari ke khaatir, kandhe men thathari kaa thelaa rahegaa”

In this journey of life, you will be carrying a bundle of bones. In other words as you get older and older, your body becomes more and more useless. There is no point in waiting to do things. Do what you have to do while you can still use your body. Waiting will not help.

“Dowlat toh nahin rehati hai, rehata hai phakat naam”

If you think that all the wealth you have earned will save you, you are mistaken. The only thing that will remain with you is your name. The name which your Guru gave you. That name which you have to use to perform the actions you have come to do. That name which you need to attach yourself to always – that which leads you to your ultimate destination. The customs of the world will continue after your departure, but none of these customs will be of any use to you.

“Isse toh aage bhajan hi hai saathi, Hari ke bhajan bin akelaa rahegaa”

Neither your wealth, nor your family, nor your friends will accompany you at the end. Only your devotion to God will go with you. Without that you will have to go alone. Therefore, why wait to do devotion? There is no better time than now to devote yourself to God. Lockdowns are preventing us from going to temples, but not preventing us from attending the temple within us. 

Mahant Jay Jaggessur, Kabir Association of Toronto.