Sahaj Samaadhi

Sahaj Samaadhi

Sahaj Samaadhi

By: Mahant Jay Jaggessur, December 15th, 2018

Out of all the experiences a human being can have, experiencing God’s presence is the greatest experience of all. We all acknowledge that we are a spirit going through a human experience. The spirit, by nature, is divine. If our human experience permits us to realise our divine nature by sensing the spirit, we would comprehend our existence on this worldly plane better. We would know that this physical existence has no real value other than connecting us back to our real world.

Our outer senses allow us to experience the beauty of God’s manifestations in physical nature. When we admire a beautiful sunset, a wonderful sunrise, a nice garden of flowers, when we enjoy the company of nice people, our mind is in such a state that we are all praises. We want to praise God for all the beauty we are exposed to. In situations when we go through hardships or we encounter obstacles or problems, we are so worried that we start blaming our existence in this world. The duality that is prevalent in the world and which is experienced by the outer senses prevents us from experiencing beyond the physical. Although God’s presence is everywhere, in order for us to experience it, we have to go beyond the outer senses. In other words, beyond the senses means extrasensory. It is a state of consciousness which we have to be in to experience that which cannot be experienced using the outer senses. Satguru Kabir Saheb has again and again reminded us to practice ‘Sahaj Samaadhi’.

“Santo, Sahaj Samaadhi Bhalee Hai;
Guru Prataap Bhayo Jaa Din Se, Surati Na Ant Chalee Hai.”

Oh Sants, ‘Sahaj Samaadhi’ (Simple Union) is graced;
Since the day I have received the blessing of the Guru, I have been fixated on Him only.

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Why ‘Sahaj’? Satguru Kabir Saheb’s philosophy on the concept of being one with God is not based on complex studies or research. He said that experiencing God is not the exclusive domain of Yogis or Monks. Union with God can be part of anyone’s experience both from a spiritual and a practical standpoint. It is a fact that the human mind is constantly restless. All kinds of thoughts spring out of the mind. Thoughts are energy. At a conscious level, the activity level of the mind is very high with multiple thoughts being processed. Other thoughts, which are stored at the unconscious level, also contribute in raising the tumultuous activity level of the mind. No wonder with such a high level of mental energy, the core of our being is eclipsed. What Satguru Kabir Saheb wants us to do is to still our mind so that we can experience the core of our being, which is God. Stilling the mental energies require relaxation and meditation. Meditative consciousness is what ‘Sahaj Samaadhi’ is all about.

“Jaise Til Men Tel Hai, Jyon Chakamak Men Aag;
Teraa Saaeen Tujh Men Hai, Jaag Sake To Jaag.

Just as the seed has oil within it, and light is in the spark, just so God is within you. Realise this if you can!

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Upon experiencing God’s presence within us, we are able to relate to all of creation as God. Not only the beauty of nature. Storms are as wonderful as glorious sunshine; bushes are as scenic as flowers; there are no enemies, everyone is just part of the same whole; chaos is also celebration.

At one time, every human being was godly. But it so happened that people started to abuse their divinity that God decided to take it back from them. God thought that human beings could not value what they had been bestowed with; that’s why they were abusing it. God thought that He would let humans look for their divine Self, and that only those who were successful would come back to God again. But when God took the divinity back, He started to think where He would hide it so that humans had to work really hard to get it. He first thought He would dig the earth and bury it deep down. But then He thought that would be too easy for them to find. He then thought He would sink it deep down in the ocean. Again He thought humans would soon be able to dive deep down the oceans and find it. He then thought “What about putting it high up in the mountains?” But again He thought that could be quite easy for them to get. Finally, he thought that He would hide their divinity deep down in the centre of their own beings. For he thought humans would never think of searching within their own beings. People have since been climbing mountains, going in the rivers/seas, going in caves to search for God… But only the wise ones know to search deep down within themselves.