Hard Work and Prayer – July 16th, 2016

Hard Work and Prayer – July 16th, 2016

Hard Work & Prayer

Satyavaani message delivered by Shri Mahant Jay Jaggessur Saheb on July 16th, 2016

We all have to do our part and assume our responsibilities in life. At different stages of our life, we have different priorities and goals. As a young student, we want to pass each and every exam and be ready for the workplace. In the workplace, we aim to grow in our career so that we can earn reasonably well to enjoy the comforts of life. As we get married, we look for the ideal dwelling to suit our family. And as we raise children, we focus on their success by giving them the appropriate support and guidance. All along, we are pursuing material goals. If we are spiritually focused, we will also pursue a path that can lead us to liberation. When people fail to attain their goals, they tend to ask : “Why have I worked so hard when I am not reaping any benefits?” Others, who resort to prayers, think that God is not answering their prayers in spite of their consistency in praying. Do we succeed by doing hard work or praying?

The teachings of Satguru Kabir Saheb clearly guide us to assume our responsibilities in the world with determination and truthfulness. Our duty to be truthful rests on the premises of spirituality. Prayers are not meant to “bargain” with God. Prayers are a silent communication with the Universal Consciousness as an acknowledgment that we are not separate from God. We are successful because we do our part, work hard on attaining our goals, but at the same time practice the tenets of spirituality. If we just pray with the objective of attaining something, but do not physically work towards those goals, we cannot be successful. Satguru Kabir Saheb says :

“Keenhe Binaa Oopaaye Kacchu, Dev Kabahu Nahin Det;
Khet Beej Bovai Naheen, To Kyun Jaamen Kucch.”

(see transliteration and pronunciation guide here)

If we do not make any efforts, God will not give us anything.
Just like if we do not sow any seeds in the fields, we cannot expect a crop.

Two friends, who we will call A and B were discussing about being rewarded for their loyalty to God. A was quite confident that since he was a very regular devotee of God, doing daily prayers and worshiping God, his prayers will definitely be answered. B, who was also very devoted, believed that one should accept whatever God gives. They both prayed to have a beautiful garden in their backyard. A did not do much work in is backyard, while b prepared the land, removed all weeds, and ploughed the soil. After a week, A saw some flowers blooming in his backyard and he ran to B to announce the good news. As A arrived at B’s place, he found B watching his backyard with disappointment. Cactus plants grew in his backyard and caterpillars were all over the place. Of course, A bragged about his backyard, which had flowers blooming. After a few days, the cactus plants gave beautiful, fragrant flowers, and the caterpillars turned into colourful butterflies. And the flowers in As backyard turned out to be wild dandelions, which were now flying all over creating a big mess.

When we doubt the work of God, we only see the negative side of everything. But hard work pays. Our unflinching faith in the power of God is what can make us trust that everything will be fine. We just have to do our part and accept the results, whatever they be. Trust that God will always do what is best for us.